How we work out your prices

We always supply individually tailored quotations based on your specific requirements.
It is best to email us your design stating the quantity and type of garments you would like to use. Garment options can be viewed from the garments section of the web site using the drop down menu above.
Providing us with as much clear information as possible allows us to give you a more accurate quotation.

The main basic factors that influence costs are below.

The size of your order.
Although orders may start from as few as 20 t-shirts per design. Larger print orders will have a lower unit cost than small orders. The more you print the lower the unit cost.

Print Positions.
Each print has a charge. Printing front only will be cheaper than printing front and back. Printing one sleeve will be cheaper than printing both sleeves and so on.

Number of print colours in your designs.
The more print colours used will increase your printing costs. A print with 1 or 2 colours will be much cheaper to produce than a print with 6 colours for example.

The brand of garment that you print onto.
All brands have quIte different prices, some are much cheaper than others. Plain garment prices are displayed in the garments section found in the drop down menu above.

We do provide a basic print price list in the form of a PDF which can be downloaded from the link below. You could use this is a rough guide to estimating costs of your own work.

Price list PDF

We advise that it is easier and quicker for you to simply email us the details of what you would like so we can prepare a quotation for you.


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